When experience and reputation count, there is only one choice and that is; American Marine Yachts

Relationships with our customers. Number 1, our focus is always on the customer. How to bring them the best service anywhere and to add value in everything we do.

Relationships with our talented and knowledgeable brokers who bring much more than just experience to our buyers, they make the buying process both professional and enjoyable.

Relationships we have built over the years and across six continents with our global sales and marketing network.

Success over the years comes as a direct result of our philosophy; Relationships, relationships, relationships.
Buyers, Sellers, Individuals, Brokers and Dealers alike have all become our partners across the globe and it is this network that provides the kind of customer satisfaction that keeps them coming back.

— Gordon Burgess CEO/Owner


27 years ago, American Marine Yachts were amongst the first to embrace the internet in the yacht market and use it to bring buyers and sellers together across the Atlantic (as in those days, the market was mostly limited to Europe). Since 1992 we have exported thousands of boats into six continents and onto parts of the world you would never imagine. We were exporting boats from the US way before it became "fashionable" and everyone else tried to imitate our services. Global Yacht Sales has always been our forte.


American Marine Yachts have been the industry leader in the logistics of moving boats around the globe and into different markets since 1992. We offer the most complete and professional import/export services, from; Shrink-wrap, cradles, CE certification, to US transport or Freight Forwarding Worldwide. Our experience and reputation gives us the opportunity not just to provide our International customers with the confidence and services they deserve but this networking opens up new markets to our local customers that other companies just don't have.

Marketing and Network

American Marine Yachts leads the field in Global Web Based Marketing. We currently advertise on approximately 100 MLS sites across the world, have locations in Europe and Australia and are honored to have a 25 year old network of buyers, sellers and business partners. Yes, We still buy and sell locally and nationally but our marketing also reaches the very corners of the earth. American Marine Yachts have become Florida's #1 exporter of used boats and yachts.

Our marketing and presentation is second to none, with professional photographers and drone videos. Adding to our investment in traditional local print advertising, we have a local and global marketing platform that brings unparalleled results.

Some of our partners include...

... and many more!


American Marine Yachts continue to lead the way and provide our clients and Brokers alike with the most sophisticated platforms available, in order to:

  • Drive data to every MLS advertising site available
  • Manage and nurture every lead
  • Simplify the process of Listing and Sale Agreements through convenient electronic signatures
  • Streamline the complex closing process into a professional experience

We are

See how the best brokers and the best services, make all the difference. We are customer focused. Visit any of our water locations and you will find the very best and most experienced yacht Brokers in the marine industry. Local offices combined with our global reach is a very strong platform but the true value of our services comes from the relationships and knowledge our Brokers provide.

Wholesale and Trade-Ins

Our heritage is from the global wholesale market and as such we still buy boats for cash. We also cash out trade-ins which helps more buyers and sellers get together on our brokerage listings.