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Captain Joe Harris

Licensed Yacht and Ship Salesman

                Born and raised on the west coast of Florida, I have never had a day too far from the water. I learned how to captain a boat when I was eight years old, and moved on to yachts around 12. I have owned my own boat since the age of 15 and have been out fishing and cruising as much as I could. I became a U.S. Coast Guard merchant mariner licensed captain at the age of 20. As you can tell my life has revolved around getting out on the open water. My past careers have also focused on the water life and customer service. After working at West Marine and Riviera Dunes Marina, I have instilled a very high priority in myself to make sure that the customer is always happy and confident to work with me. I am very eager to get your boat out on the market, or help you find that dream vessel you have been searching for!