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Cell: France: 0033 233 906575 / UK: 01223 911241

Mark Leggett

Central Europe Rep.

A well traveled, educated and very adaptable problem solver. Seems to be a fair statement. Born in Norfolk (that’s England!) back in 1961, and always either close to the sea or the Norfolk Broads so boating has always been part of my life.

I started my first company selling used boats back in 1989, but began importing boats from the US to UK in the early 90's. My first experiences of dealing with American sellers and brokers was far from pleasant and yes I did get burnt. However on my second trip to Florida I met and started dealing with Gordon Burgess. Following that trip a great business relationship was formed. Over the years Gordon has supplied us dozens of used craft.

Accidentally my dealing in marine craft led me to marine salvage and then on to automotive salvage. I subsequently formed what became the UK's third largest online presence for prestige damaged vehicles. I sold out two years ago to take an early, and what should have been, relaxing retirement in France. I am restoring a huge old Priory that dates back to the 12th century. That was until a call from Gordon in June 2011. Well what I can say, I love a challenge and bringing Export American to Central Europe was one I was not going to miss out on.

What else can I tell you about my fields of expertise? I have worked as an International Consultant on projects for the World Bank and other assorted private companies. I love to travel and enjoy many diverse hobbies. These have included just over seven years of International Stage Rally Driving, I still own a beautiful old 1948 Allard race car. Scuba diver, qualified PADI and TDI, water skiing, photography, website design and development, music in all forms. I'm even learning to play sax. The list is endless.