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Mike Tompkins

Licensed Yacht and Ship Salesman

Mike grew up in Dallas, Texas and has loved the water since he was 5 years old when he learned to water ski. He has been boating all his life and built his first boat from plywood and fiberglass at age 14. At 16 he learned to fly and got his pilot’s license. Although his background is engineering, his minor was marketing. Owning an architectural and engineering  firm in Dallas for many  years,  allowed him the luxury of owning  many large vessels through the years, as well as,  learning how to maintain them. When he moved to Florida, he decided to put his passion for boating together with his engineering and marketing expertise to help people find the boat of their dreams. Mike would like the opportunity to demonstrate his knowledge and expertise to find the perfect vessel to fit your needs and budget.

One of my mentors told me long ago; “You are paid for the amount of services you do for others in direct proportion” and that is what business is all about.