Vessel Maintenance for Worry Free Boating

Posted on November 01, 2017

Vessel Maintenance minimizes headaches on the water and allows peace of mind while traveling.  Many of the items listed are inexpensive and may reduce future costly repairs.  Please be sure to check safety equipment before each trip, it may save you and your loved ones. 

We give this list out to all clients during the sale of their vessel, to reduce the amount to deficiencies found at survey.  We only have one chance to make a first impression, and the first real offer is the best as time is a factor in all sales.  Recently there is one item that kills most deals, “Old Oil.”  A buyer may elect to take oil samples for analysis.  Oil over a year old may have many indicators of concern.  Most mechanics will recommend a fluid change to all engines every 6 months to 100 hours.

Other deal killers are old water pump impellers and clogged heat exchangers.  While underway you may need the extra power from your engine(s.)  Overheating will cause long term damage to your engine. Make sure you are able to run your vessel at 100% for at least 3 minutes every trip, you may need the power when you least expect.