We are here to SELL your boat

At American Marine Yachts we don't want to "list" your boat, we are here to SELL your boat.

You have probably heard from a lot of brokers wanting to "list your boat". Anyone can list your boat, it takes experience and cutting edge marketing tools with a staff committed to customer satisfaction to actually make her SELL.

The DIFFERENCE American Marine Yachts's Marketing makes

Global Advertising

We spare no expense on advertising. Our philosophy is to flood the market locally, nationally and internationally. We reach over 100 online websites and in countries you have probably never considered your boat might sell to.


The future is now and virtual marketing is here to stay in just about everything we buy. Boats are no exception and can be easily transported so buyers can be located anywhere in the world and we can move our product to them.


We don’t fight change, we embrace it and have invested substantially, not only in internet advertising, but in cutting edge software tools that manage every lead and nurtures our contacts over the years into buyers for your boat. American Marine Yachts develops and has the exclusive rights to the leading marine brokerage CRM software. No one else can offer you this.


Because of our software, we are able to account to our sellers and provide reporting showing valuable information such as how many times people have viewed their boats, how many leads we have tracked and the current status of potential buyers and pending offers.


It’s what we do. Nowadays everyone is waking up to the fact that they need to be servicing international markets. Well we have being doing just that since 1992, well before it became “fashionable” and everyone else tried to replicate our services.


Customer satisfaction keeps our existing customer base coming back for their next boat. 27 years of networking with individuals, brokers, wholesalers and retailers alike means we always have customers waiting.


With our contacts and offices across the world our customers have the confidence necessary to make long distance, big ticket purchases.


Next year we celebrate 27 years in the industry. You will only want to market your boat through someone this established.


American Marine Yachts pride themselves on the quality and knowledge of our sales force. This is a very specialized market and buyers and sellers alike deserve the respect of a team that understands boats and yachts and can provide the service they need.

Licensed and bonded

Florida is one of only 2 states that have professional regulation requiring yacht brokers to be licensed and bonded. We think all states and all countries should provide this same security but until they do, you can rest assured that American Marine Yachts operates under the highest code of ethics and funds are held in dedicated escrow accounts for everyone’s protection.


Our premier waterfront locations offer the highest visibility to display your yacht. We have all the facilities and services available to maintain, showcase and spotlight your yacht.


This is important to our buyers and seller alike, before and after the sale. Our full service yard with a 77 ton travel lift means no job is too large or too small.

Freight prep

With 90% of our sales going on the road and being delivered out of state or overseas it is an integral part of our logistics that we can handle all prep work from our central and remote service centers.


Few brokers are in a position to take trade ins, WE ARE. This is often critical to a buyer who not only wants to take advantage of the sales tax reduction, but does not want the hassle and associated expense of owning multiple boats. Our wholesale division will give an actual cash value offer to facilitate the trade in and ensure your sale goes through.

Short Sales

Many boat owners need out of their boats right now and the banks will talk and negotiate. Our wholesale division can take your boat to our network of Global Trade buyers and collect competitive trade bids that we can take to your lender and start the short sale process. If these bids are not successful, the bank will show us what they may accept, allowing us to be very aggressive when marketing your boat across the globe. It’s a win win situation and we are skilled at doing it.

The American Marine Yachts Difference . . . proven RESULTS