American Marine Yachts Wholesale Services
We're always in the market to buy

American Marine Yachts has 28 years of experience working in the boat and yacht wholesale markets. We have the solutions to making more deals, by bringing liquidity into each transaction.

CASH for your boat today!

Can't wait for us to broker your boat? Our marketing strategies will undoubtedly bring you the maximum amount for your vessel and we will connect you directly with an end purchaser in order to maximize your return. If you simply want your boat gone today we can give you a wholesale cash price for immediate payment. End your storage, repair and maintenance expenses today.

We also buy boats in ANY condition (blown engines, etc.) that you may not otherwise be able to sell.

Not only will we get back to you with what we are prepared to pay you today, but we will place your boat into our B2B dealer only section and bring to you any bids that are offered that are higher than our initial bid to you. There are no brokerage fees to you or the dealer, it's our courtesy to you and our wholesale business partners. We do this to bring liquidity into the industry and to simply get more deals done for everyone involved.

Value your trade-in

No one wants to be without a boat but once we have found you your perfect new boat you probably don't want to be a two owner boat either. Ideally you may want to trade from your old boat straight into your new one. We can make that happen. You will also benefit from the tax savings as you only pay sales tax on the difference between the value of the boats, not on the full amount.

  • First - We will give you a free market analysis of what your yacht is worth.
  • Second - We will place your yacht in our dealer marketplace pages, where we will let our partners know that your boat may soon become available. We will gather interest and bids in preparation for the day when your new boat arrives.
  • Thirdly - If you are now ready to sell your current vessel, we are happy to list your yacht, advertise her across the globe and bring you the very best return the worldwide markets will allow.

We can start working ahead for you today!

Wholesale Buyers

Please contact us if you are in the trade and wish to join our network of dealers. We have a section on our website dedicated exclusively to our dealers working together.


As an individual you can also benefit from our wholesale contacts. We will be happy to represent you and bring the same opportunities to you.

We are experts in the field of:

  • Dealer auctions
  • Short sales
  • Trade-ins
  • Bank owned, repossessed inventories
  • Other motivated and distressed sales